What gas boiler insurance DOESN’T cover

Gas boilers can be fickle things. Packed to the brim with moving parts, there is a strong likelihood for something to go wrong at some point. A uSwitch survey revealed that one fifth of households had suffered a heating breakdown.

It’s no wonder then that a lot of people take out gas boiler insurance, to cover them for the unexpected, or perhaps you could say, the expected.

The thing is though, as with any type of insurance, you need to closely examine the extent of the cover. Of course it depends who you are insured with, and some providers will offer a higher level of cover than others.

Genuine Emergency?

Some of the more basic policies will only despatch an engineer if you are facing a ‘genuine emergency’ for example, and sometimes that can mean not coming out if your hot water has not been working for a few hours. Emergencies to some providers mean a boiler exploding and leaking water over your home.

You may also find that certain parts are not covered, and these could well be the ones that tend to go wrong and need replacing every few years.

That’s the trouble with gas boilers. So what’s the solution?

What does your boiler insurance actually cover you for?

What does your boiler insurance actually cover you for?

Thinking Outside of Gas

If you are in the market for a new boiler, it could be worth thinking outside of gas. These days electric central heating is a truly viable alternative. It is safe, versatile, and economical to run. We’re not talking about storage heaters here, this is a real central heating system that you have full control over.

The beauty of an electric boiler is that it doesn’t have any moving parts. Neither does it require annual maintenance or safety checks.

Buy an electric boiler and take out Selectric Heating electric boiler cover and you’ll find everything covered, and we’ll treat any issue that you deem an emergency as urgent.

Electric central heating really is a viable alternative to gas, and has the added benefit of saving you when it comes to ongoing maintenance. It’s well worth some research.

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