When Heating is a Challenge, Choose Electric

Many of us have awkward rooms in our homes, the ones that are always cold and difficult to heat no matter what. Often these rooms are either open plan or have large windows or high ceilings, which mean that it’s difficult to keep the space at a comfortable temperature throughout.

If you have one of these difficult to heat rooms, consider electric heating. There are specific electric heating ranges available which are designed to tackle exactly those kind of hard-to-heat spaces.

Standard radiators often fail to provide the heat output or reach required to adequately heat a large open plan or high ceilinged room. Some ranges of electric radiators, however, have been designed with elements which allow them to push heat into the furthest extremities of even the largest of rooms.

Large, green plants in the conservatory room

Large, green plants in the conservatory room

This means that electric heating is often ideal for the likes of churches, listed buildings, stair wells and galleried hallways, large offices, Victorian and other period homes with high ceilings, community and sports halls and properties with large windows and expanses of glass.

Don’t forget that electric heating is ideal for conservatories too, as there are many electric radiators on the market which are short-height radiators designed to fit the dwarf walls common in conservatories and garden rooms. Alternatively tall upright radiators easily fit narrow wall spaces, providing adequate heat for rooms made of large expanses of glass.

If you feel that your home would benefit from electric central heating to reach all of those hard-to-heat nooks and crannies, get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.

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