Who’s Using Electric Central Heating – and Why?

We’ve been installing electric central heating systems for a few years now and we’ve found quite a range of people showing an interest.

Owners of Smaller Properties

Firstly, those with smaller properties are keen on electric heating because the boilers are compact and pretty much silent. They can be located anywhere as there’s no flue, making them flexible for bijou homes.

Property Developers in London

Secondly, property developers in London favour electric central heating. When you’re building in areas where properties are in close proximity to others, or to local authority buildings, you are not permitted to install flues. So electric heating is the ideal option having no flue. As well as this, electric heating is highly efficient and economical too, spelling good news for buyers or tenants.


Another set of people championing electric boilers and central heating is landlords. Electric heating is far safer than gas and there is no need for annual safety checks or certificates, so that’s one expense and worry off the list. Plus electric radiators don’t leak or burst so there is another thing not to lose sleep over. And then there’s the fact they emit a consistent low level heat which means they also help to prevent condensation: good news when it comes to minimising maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency Aficionados

Anyone looking to maximise heating efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint is also swaying towards electric central heating. Systems can be tied in with solar and underfloor heating and the fact that grid electricity is being decarbonised with the use of wind farms and the like means that the use of this energy source is increasingly being considered greener than gas.

Who is using electric heating?

Landlords, energy efficiency aficionados, owners of small properties and London developers are all championing electric central heating.

If you fit any of the above profiles, or have reasons of your own for taking an interest in electric central heating, we’d be happy to talk you through the benefits and costs of installing a system in your property so please get in touch.

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