Why Electric Heating Could be the Best Bet for Property Developers

If you’re a property developer, electric heating has plenty of benefits that will help throughout your project from the initial building design and costs, through to the final selling points.

Firstly, electric boilers do not require flue or pipe-work, so when homes and buildings are in the design stage, there are no restrictions to the design or planning issues linked to the positioning of flues. Electric heaters can be installed practically anywhere so property developers have complete freedom with design.

As there’s no restriction on the availability of electricity, electric boilers are the obvious choice for developers planning to build in areas where gas and oil aren’t available. It’s also a good option for the development of listed buildings where structural alterations might be a problem.


Electric heating offers very low capital and installation costs. There is no need for a gas supply to be considered and this can often be a real cost burden to many developments. With no need for any pipe-work, electric heating can be connected to the circuit easily and often means a faster build time.

Finally, electric heating doesn’t have the safety risks associated with gas and electric boilers tend to be more reliable with less need for maintenance.

For a free, no-obligation quotation on electric heating installation, or just to chat through any plans that might involve electric boilers and heating, please get in touch.

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