Why Electric Heating Makes the Ideal Choice for Social Housing Providers

Involved in social housing provision? Here’s why electric heating should be your system of choice.

Electric heating has plenty of benefits both for housing providers and tenants. Firstly whether you are planning a new build or refurbishing an existing site, electric heating offers low capital outlay thanks to its keen installation costs.

New build developments don’t require any pipe-work so electric heating can be installed to the electric circuit quickly. This means faster build times as the boiler isn’t intrinsically linked to the build.

window of an apartment block at nightSimilarly, if you are refurbishing properties for social housing, electric boilers can be installed practically anywhere as there is no need for extensive pipe-work or flues. For this reason it’s also good for developments in space-constricted areas.

Energy Efficiency

Electric boilers are almost 100% efficient so the running and maintenance costs are very low. They are expected to last longer than gas boilers, making them a truly cost effective option. Additionally, there is no need for annual safety inspections which makes electric boilers easy to install and hassle free to maintain.

Finally, electric heating is a safer option offering peace of mind for tenants and providers. There are no risks like those associated with a gas boiler such as carbon monoxide poisoning and no chance of burst radiators.

To find out more about our range of electric boilers and the benefits of electric heating, get in touch.

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