Why Social Housing Developers are Opting for Electric Central Heating

If you are a social housing developer then financial issues will be on your mind when considering your heating and hot water options, as will the need to keep everything nice and smooth running ongoing. Tenants will want a simple to use system that’s energy efficient too.

You’ll also have to think about whether your chosen heating system will affect the design of a new development, or if you are undertaking a refurbishment whether the installation will cause any disruption to existing tenants.

Electric central heating offers numerous benefits for both social housing developers and their tenants.

Firstly, as a developer, you’ll find the capital outlay nice and low. Hardware is affordably priced, and installation is fairly straightforward, so costs are low. Unlike gas installations, there’s no pipework to deal with. The system simply connects to the electrical circuit during second fix. This is great for refurbishment projects as there is very little disruption. Tenants won’t have to be temporarily re-housed and it’s literally just a case of connect, fit, test and you’re done.

Electric heating is ideal for social housing developments and refurbishment projects.

Electric heating is ideal for social housing developments and refurbishment projects.

Secondly, the costs during the ownership lifetime are lower. As well as being energy efficient, electric heating systems don’t need any annual maintenance or servicing, and no safety inspections or certificates are required either because no dangerous fuels are being burned. This equates to significant cost savings.

Another benefit of electric heating is that there is a lessened risk of damage to your property. Electric radiators don’t leak or burst, and the fact they emit a consistent low level heat means they also help to prevent condensation. Good news when it comes to keeping maintenance costs low.

If you are a social housing developer seeking out a cost saving option for heating and hot water, think electric. For a free consultation and written quotation, get in touch.

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