Why We Like … Electromax Electric Boilers

British made Electromax electric boilers are compact in size so can easily fit into small spaces like an airing cupboard. They are also ideal for bijou properties. Using standard radiators and thermostatic radiator valves, they have programmable room thermostats to take advantage of off-peak tariffs.

Electromax also offers a model that’s suitable to power underfloor heating, a popular and healthy way of heating a home.


Electromax electric boilers are completely silent in operation. Our customers love this and they also love the easy to read front panel which shows the status of the boiler. There are minimum and maximum controls which can be used to adjust the water temperature output. It’s really easy to use.

The cylinder of the Electromax electric boiler is made from Duplex stainless steel which ensures its reputation for quality and service longevity. The cylinder is guaranteed for 10 years and the boiler and controls are guaranteed for 2 years. With such guarantees, there is a minimum amount of service needed for the Electromax boiler and low maintenance costs.

Electromax boilers are just one of the many electric boilers we install. Get in touch to talk through which is the best option and brand for you.

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