Winter is on its way! Sorry, it’s a Boiler Thing!

It’s that time of year when we start to think about the forthcoming colder weather. Odd I know when it’s been so gloriously warm and sunny, but it’s true: to avoid the rush when the colder weather sets in, you need to make sure your boiler is in full working order NOW.

If memories of last winter still hang heavy on your mind where there were times the boiler was on the blink with no hot water, then it may be time to think about a replacement.

The Benefits of Electric

If you’re of the opinion that sticking with gas is the right way to go, it could be worth taking a little time to consider the benefits that an electric boiler can offer you.

How long has your gas boiler lasted? 10 years? Electric boilers last around 15 years on average. They also come with virtually no moving parts, which means servicing is not necessary. Maintenance costs are therefore kept to a minimum, and the fact that an electric boiler doesn’t need safety checks is another benefit.

Is your boiler winter-ready?

Is your boiler winter-ready?

Space Saving & Versatile

And there’s more. If you’ve been frustrated at the amount of space your gas boiler takes up, or the noise it makes, you are in for a treat if you switch to electric. Electric boilers are compact in size and virtually silent, and a further advantage is that they can be situated anywhere, because they have no flue, which means they don’t have to be adjacent to an outside wall. Good news if you’ve always been irritated by the location of your current boiler.

If you are tempted to opt for an electric boiler and electric central heating system, we’d be delighted to answer any questions and provide a quotation for supply and installation so please get in touch.

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